Is Zeelool Legit or Scam?

Many people like Zeelool because it has excellent glasses frames and good customer service. dedicates to helping people worldwide to have a foresight vision. They provide fashionable, innovative, and top-graded quality eyewear. With their fast delivery system at an affordable price, they guarantee you an exceeding web-shopping experience every time.

Where is Zeelool From:

Zeelool Opticals has headquarters in many countries around the world. The company’s main office is located in Hong Kong and China, but there are also labs across America!

Is Zeelool Legit?

Yes, is a legit retailer of glasses and frames. Zeelool is not a scam. However, they do have some negative reviews online. But the majority of people seem to like the company and its products! However, we manually checked how legal the store is:


All Required Information:

They have their customer service information on their website. You can easily reach them by phone number, email, and Whatsapp number. They also have a live chat option.

Valid Trademark:

The reputable companies have valid trademarks on their website. They also have a registered trademark on their company name, found on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website.

Here is Zeelool’s Registered Trademark.

Safe and Secure Shopping:

Their website is HTTPS enabled, which provides a secure connection between your browser and the website. This means that any information you enter on their website (including payment information) is encrypted and can’t be read by anyone else.

The Main Reasons Why People Use Zeelool:

There are usually reasons to buy at a store, and people typically have their reasons. Here are some of the main reasons that we found:

  • There are many people happy with their customer service.
  • Zeelool provides a tracking number for every order.
  • The company offers fast and free shipping on all orders over $69

Main Complaints with Buying at the Store:

Like many people love this store, there are still some people who have some complaints about the store:

  • Some people complained that the lens didn’t fit.
  • Another problem that most people face is that the things they receive arrive very late.

Is Zeelool Worth Spending on?

Yes. Zeelool is a store to buy nice glasses. They have a lot of different products and they’re always coming out with new and innovative designs. The customer service responds to your inquiries within a reasonable time, and they offer free shipping on orders over $69.

They offer a wide range of products, good customer service, and fast delivery. However, we recommend reading the reviews carefully before purchasing to avoid any issues!

However, there are some complaints about the quality of the products and the late arrival of orders. Overall, we think that Zeelool is a store worth spending on!

Here are some good things about the Zeelool:

  • Zeelool has been an honest company that has cheap glasses that are similar to the expensive ones.
  • With an offer like free shipping over items of more than $69, I would say it is worth spending on.

Zeelool Shipping Policy

  1. If you spend more than $69.00 on your purchase, you will receive free shipping.
  2. Shipping fees are calculated after free shipping.
  3. Limited to standard shipping.
  4. You don’t need a coupon code to get the discount.

Zeelool Return Policy

Zeelool offers a 365-day warranty (after receiving the products) covering apparent defects in material and quality. If you have any issues with your glasses, such as dislike or discomfort due to an improper prescription– Zeelool will provide free replacement within 30 days!

Zeelool offers a one-of-a-kind customer experience. Contact the Zeelook team for special discounts on future purchases or refunds of original payment methods (debit/credit cards) if you made an error during your order.

Modifying/Cancelling an Order:

Zeelool’s 24-hour cancellation policy ensures that you can cancel your order without penalty. However, suppose there is a price difference between what was ordered and the current market value of one item (for example, an antique). In that case, we’ll charge accordingly when modification or canceling altogether – refer back here for more information about how much this will be worth!


Note: Our warranty doesn’t cover damage and returns requests caused by accidents, negligence, or improper care.

Zeelool Product List

There are two different kinds of glasses at the Zeelool:


Full Frame

Zeelool offers a wide variety of full-frame glasses for both men and women. You can find trendy and stylish glasses that will suit your personality. Some of the glasses even have a unique design, making them stand out from other brands.


Semi-Rimless Glasses are a great way to complete your look. They add style and sophistication while protecting your eyes from the sun.


Rimless Glasses are glasses where the frames are absent around the lenses. This gives the wearer a more sophisticated and modern look.

Slim Metal Frame

Slim Metal Frame Glasses are a type of glasses that are very popular right now. They have a thin metal frame that makes them very stylish and modern. They are also very lightweight, which makes them perfect for everyday wear.

Thick Frame

Thick Frame Glasses are the perfect accessory to complete your look. They add character and style while also providing functionality and protection. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of glasses to wear every day or need a protective team for sports or outdoor activities, Thick Frame Glasses have you covered.


  • Tinted Prescription Sunglasses
  • Polarized Prescription Sunglasses
  • Fashion Sunglasses

Product Price at Zeelool

The prices vary by frame for glasses. Here are the prices:

Full Frame Glasses:

  • Somewhere from $1 to $45+.
  • Semi-Rimless from $7 to around $42+.
  • Rimless from $6.95 to about $45+.

Ways to Reach their Customer Service:

Here are some essential pages if you want to reach their customer support:

1. WhatsApp: +86-18837183964

2. About Page:

3. Privacy Policy:

Some Questions and Answers:

Here are some questions and answers to help you more about this:

What payment options does the Zeelool offer?

The Zeelool offers the following cards:

VISA, JCB, American Express, Discover, Klarna, Afterpay, etc.

Is there any Zeelool App?

Yes. Zeelool is on both Google Playstore and Apple Store. Here are their links:

Google Playstore:

Apple Store:


Zeelool is a glasses and sunglasses retailer that offers a wide variety of products for men and women. They have a unique customer service experience, with free replacement glasses and refunds available. Prices vary depending on the frame, and they offer various payment options. They also have an app available on Google Playstore and Apple Store.


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